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As well as all the above products Milner's Magic can also supply:

Caricaturists work in reception and throughout the meal. They give your guests a light hearted look at themselves and leave them with a lasting souvenir of the occasion. Magical Solutions have several top class international caricaturists in their team and would be happy to advise on their availability.

This unusual entertainment is an education to watch! See your friend lose his tie or even his braces and ladies lose their watches whilst chatting to these amazing entertainers. Don't worry all items are returned immediately to the stunned victim!
There are very few pickpocket entertainers so if this appeals to you ring us quickly for availability.

Fortune Tellers / Tarot Readers / Palm Readers
Take a look into the future with one of our leading psychic entertainers. Magical Solutions have a top class selection for this type of entertainment. At most events there are usually queues of people waiting to discover their destiny.


A conventional board is used to offer a selection of games which combine the skill of point scoring with the pressure created by imposing a time limit. Speed is definitely the order of the day as each player must try to create as many scoring opportunities as possible.
The quoits board has an array of hooks providing various scoring chances. Rubber quoits are then simply thrown onto the hooks…. Did we say simply? The more quoits hooked the greater the score.
Our unique table is marked with scoring areas. Simply cue the five balls into these areas to gain points. The smaller the area the greater the points.
Our putting track will test even the most ardent of golfers as three golf balls have to be "sunk" in as few shots as possible. The pressure starts to tell as contestants realise that every shot taken is 
costing valuable points.
Players are given five giant halfpennies which they must shove across the board into the scoring zones. Points are scored according to the zones but be warned overshoot the board and you score zero.
After setting up the 17 ft green and placing the "jack" players then take it in turn to deliver their bowls as close to the jack as possible. Points are awarded for accuracy.
This traditional pub skittle game tests the skill of all players as they attempt the ultimate.. To achieve a strike by demolishing all nine pins. Few will achieve this but points are awarded for varying levels of success as teams try to gather points.
An easel is set up with a drain pipe running vertically. The rat is dropped in at the top of the pipe whilst at the exit point the contestant awaits armed with a baseball bat in an attempt to "splat the rat" as it emerges. Amongst the hilarity points are awarded to the most successful exterminators!!
A tower is built of individual blocks of wood after which players take it in turns to remove the blocks from lower levels. Whoever brings the tower crashing down loses! 
A traditional table football game with two or four players competing against each other … surprisingly scoring goals is the aim! 
A timed variation of the standard games where players gamble against the clock.