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John Milner and friends - An Evening of Magic

Picture your guests dining at a top hotel or exclusive venue. Our M.C. makes an announcement welcoming them to...

An Evening of Magic

Several of our expert close-up magicians mix and mingle with your guests entertaining them with amazing magic often taking place in their own hands and right before their eyes

Dinner is served...

The dining room is softly lit. Enchanting music creates a magical atmosphere. In between courses your guests are baffled and bemused by our magician's logic defying mysteries performed at the table.

The Magical Cabaret begins...

Featuring classics of magic performed by our top magical performers all with a flair for comedy and the emphasis on entertainment.

Ropes cut and restored, rings linked and unlinked, fish caught from mid air, cigarettes burnt in a colleagues jacket, your £20 note burnt and restored and a ladies ring disappearing and reappearing under impossible conditions are all the incredible effects you are likely to experience...

And finally...

Imagine a member of your party being invited to assist the magician by lying across a board resting on two old fashioned band stand chairs.
A few seconds later she is rigid like a piece of steel as the magician removes the board and the chair leaving the lady apparently suspended in mid air! 

and / or

A solid wooden packing case is examined by one of your colleagues. The young lady is then handcuffed, tied in a sack and locked in the packing case. There then follows one of the world's most amazing illusions .


The magician stands on the crate and in blink of an eye he has disappeared and his assistant is standing on top of the box in his place and with a complete change of costume! The performer is eventually found handcuffed and tied in the sack inside the crate.

What marvellous theatre!

These are just two of the major illusions we present.

Your guests will talk about "An Evening of Magic" long after it ends!

Tracie Hughes performing an amazing illusion at a corporate conference.

Saxon Tylney with his amazing "Budgie thru Mirror"

Al Rudge presenting his Straight Jacket Escape.