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John Milner - Blindfold Drive

The Blindfold Drive is a great attraction at fetes and festivals or other outdoor events. It is often sponsored by a major company thereby gaining extra publicity for them and the event organisers.

John is blindfolded. First the equipment is tested so that a volunteer from the audience can see that it is opaque. Cotton wool is put over each eye and taped in place then bandaged and finally an opaque black bag is placed over John’s head. He is then led to a waiting vehicle. A member of the press or other volunteer sits next to him after signing away all rights in the event of an accident. John then proceeds to drive the vehicle around a series of obstacles in the arena often bales of straw set alight.

 It is emphasised that members of the public should not attempt to do this stunt.
The blindfold.
Cotton Wool over John's eyes
The cotton wool is kept in place with a bandage.
The tested bag is placed over everything!
John gets in the cab with a reporter wearing a crash helmet for safety.
John drives around the arena avoiding the flaming bales of hay.
On this occasion the reporter insisted on getting out of the lorry after a short distance.
It's all over and everyone is safe.