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John Milner - Mix & Mingle - Close up magic

"Close-up magic" or Table hopping" is a unique form of magical entertainment where your guests get a personal magical performance at close-quarters. It is performed in many unusual places and is suitable for use during reception, at the table during dinner and after dinner over coffee, on cruise ships and river boats and all those diverse venues where you get a group of people gathered and it would be impracticable to have a full blown magical cabaret.
John Milner
has the skill to adapt to most environments and is totally flexible in his approach to an organiser’s needs.

John will mix and mingle with your guests astounding them with mind boggling magic that happens right before their eyes and often in their own hands during the reception and during the meal (if required) leaving adult audiences saying things like:

"I've seen it on TV and thought I would know how it was done if I saw it live".
"I'm gob smacked"
"Can I see that again?"
"Unbelievable! And so close."

Some large functions require more than one close-up magician and John can supply the extra magicians where required.