Slydini was born in Italy and his real name was Quintino Marucci. He went to live in Argentina when he was quite young and learned to speak Spanish there. His father was an amature magician and engouraged him to learn magic with the emphasis on sleight of hand. In 1930 he went to the United States of America and performed al over the country in carnivals, side shows museums etc and developed his stage act during this time. On the advice of the manager of one of these establishments he changed his name from Tony Foolem to Slydini: Sly for slick and dini being the usual stage name ending at that time. In 1941 he moved to Boston. During the war he entertained soldiers in camps, hospital sand recreation centres and in 1947 moved to New York and set up his Studio for Magic Instruction. He undertook a series of lecture tours in 1949, 50 and 51 and became a legendary name among magicians.

I was fortunate enough through the auspices of Ken Brooke to spend time with him and receive lessons. He taught me in the short time we had available his coins through the table.I have those silver dollars to this day.